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At være forbundet - Ole Birch

True love waits - Gunta Grina-Sologuba


Jørgen Thaarup, the well-known theologian, pastor and former president of Överås Methodist Theological seminary has recently had his doctoral thesis published with the Göteborg University, Sweden.

According to the university website his thesis:   

"[s] with the common trait we find in the central parts of the theology of John Wesley and NFS Grundtvig, when we look at them in the perspective of some of the Eastern Greek church fathers and their theology. Wesleys inspiration from Macarius, Clemens of Alexandria, Gregor of Nyssa and other theologians of the early Greek church, and Grundtvigs inspiration from Irenaeus and the Greek Leitorgikón and other Greek theologians have influenced their thinking in the same direction. It is in the central core isues of christian theology we find the simmilar traits in Wesley’s and Grundtvig’s theology: anthopology, hamatology, understanding of God, understanding of Christ’s reconciling ministry, salvation understood as growth and in a synergistic relation to God, and finally the role of the trinity within their theology. The study shows that a common rood or an inspiration from a third source can bring different theological traditions closer together".

Congratulations on a job well done forwarding our understanding of Methodist theology, especially as it relates to ecumenical work and mutual understanding. The disputation takes place in Göteborg, Sweden on January 15, 2016. 

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Generalkonferansen – en lett innføring

"I. Hva er Generalkonferansen til The United Methodist Church?

Generalkonferansen (heretter omtalt som GK) er det høyeste organet i kirken vi tilhører, The United Methodist Church (heretter omtalt som UMC). UMC har en demokratisk oppbygning fra bunn til topp, og forenklet kan en se dette slik som i figur 1.

UMC er med andre ord en kirke uten noen øverste leder som kan bestemme hva vi mener. Mange ser på dette på både godt og vondt – for eksempel er demokratiet sjeldent den raskeste prosessen for å få noe gjort.  Samtidig sikrer det at medlemmene til kirken faktisk bestemmer hva vi mener – og hva vi ikke mener.

På GK skal kirken, i grove trekk, finne ut hva den mener, hva den tror på, hvordan budsjettene skal se ut og hvordan den skal organisere seg.  Alt dette skal kirken altså finne ut på ca 14 dager i et convention center i USA."

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Andreas Kjernald, pastor, Norway


One question, two theologians

In this section you will find two Wesleyan theologians doing theology around a certain topic but coming from different perspectives, trying to understand each other but also trying to show what Wesleyan theology actually claims to believe.

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