Welcome to the rebirth of Wesleyforum.org

This is the place for Methodist theology online, seen through the lens of Northern Europe's pastors and theologians.

Theology is the foundation for how we understand and live our lives as Methodists and Christians. Ironically, it is often overlooked and sequestered to the dustbin of Irrelevant Issues. Many see it as distant and dense, interesting only for a few select introverts who debate and argue over tiny and insignificant details that matters little to daily life. To put it mildly, theology has a bad reputation.

This reputation is somewhat deserved. People don't dislike what they understand as relevant and important and many times those who think and do theology haven't been able to communicate the importance of theology properly. To be sure, theology isn't something that can be done through 140 charcters on Twitter...but make no mistake, theology exists on Twitter as well as arond the dinner table, in the coffee shop or wherever there are people. In short, theology is everywhere and it is up to us to "be able to give an account of the faith that is within us". If we don't, who will?

This is where this website comes in. Everybody is a theologian whether or not they realize it and poor theology is a great hindrance to holy living. Hopefully, this website will be a help in providing you with good, clear and insightful theology that will enable you to live and love as our God so dearly and clearly desires.

Allow me to welcome readers and writers and thinkers and doers of theology to WesleyForum, your one-stop home for Northern European Methodist theology.

Andreas Kjernald, editor and pastor in the UMC, Norway

A part of the United Methodist Church, Northern European conference


Andreas Kjernald, pastor, Norway


One question, two theologians

In this section you will find two Wesleyan theologians doing theology around a certain topic but coming from different perspectives, trying to understand each other but also trying to show what Wesleyan theology actually claims to believe.

Coming soon!