Wesleyan Ecclesiology - Methodism as a Means of Grace, The Källstad Lecture, Överås Metodistkyrkans nordiska teologiska seminarium, Göteborg, Sweden - May 24, 2005



Three Types of Authority within the Leadership of the United Methodist Church - The Europe Methodist Council Committee on Theology Meeting in London January 2004


Metodistisk dåbssyn - Dåb i Bibelen og i kirken


Spirituality and Neighbour Religions - Worship and Prayer, The European Methodist Council Committee on Theology Meeting in Rome January 2008


The Ministry as Bishop and Leader within the United Methodist Church - A revised study report for use in the Baltic and Eurasia, Editor & revision: Jorgen Thaarup, The United Methodist ChurchThe Northern Europe Central Conference Committee on Episcopacy 1999


God in Dialogue - Divine Disclosure – Human Self Discovery, The European Methodist Council Committee on Theology Meeting in Dublin January 2007


A part of the United Methodist Church, Northern European conference


Andreas Kjernald, pastor, Norway


One question, two theologians

In this section you will find two Wesleyan theologians doing theology around a certain topic but coming from different perspectives, trying to understand each other but also trying to show what Wesleyan theology actually claims to believe.

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